Child & Adolescent Assessment

Has your child's teacher expressed concerns about his or her learning, attention or behaviour? Or is your child just having a harder time than you think he or she should?

Child & Adolescent Therapy

Does your child or teen seem more anxious than others? Does he or she have trouble making and keeping friends? Is it hard for him or her to go to school?

Adult Therapy & Assessment

Are you struggling to keep up with life's demands? Do you think you could be happier or calmer or more patient? Or perhaps you are experiencing significant difficulties in your life related to depression, anxiety, trauma, an eating disorder, or other serious problems.

Couples Counselling

Are you having difficulties in your relationship that leave you feeling lonely and disconnected from your partner? Do you find that emotions are sometimes out of control? Or perhaps you or your partner struggle to express what you feel?

Family Therapy

Is your home life tense and chaotic? Are you at a loss as to how to help your child who is struggling socially, emotionally, or behaviourally? Is the stress of co-parenting or being in a blended family overwhelming at times?

Adult Assessments of Learning and Behaviour

Do you struggle to complete work? Do you have a hard time focusing your attention? Do people get angry or annoyed with you without you knowing why?

For Healthcare Professionals and Insurers

Although many of our clients are self-referred, we do accept referrals from health care professionals (GP's, psychiatrists, physiotherapists, etc.), lawyers, community organizations, and more...