Although clients do not require a referral to access our services, we do accept referrals from health care professionals (GP’s, psychiatrists, pediatricians, physiotherapists, etc.), lawyers, community organizations, as well as from agencies such as WSIB, Veterans Affairs, Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, Family and Children’s Services, and insurance companies for clients on short-term or long-term disability or who have been in an MVA.

Our services include:

  • comprehensive psychological assessments
  • individual treatment
  • treatment plans and progress reports
  • consultation with other healthcare professionals
  • Independent Medical Examinations
  • psychological assessments of learning
  • neuropsychological assessments

Should you wish to refer a patient/client, please fax a referral form and supporting documents to 519-836-9880. Alternatively, you can call the clinician directly or call our office administrator, Pauline Busby at 519-836-1277 ext. 221.

Download referral form