Norfolk Psychological Services is Changing!!

As of January 1, 2018:

Guelph Psychology Centre

110-112 Woolwich St.
Guelph, ON

Tel: 519-265-6960
Fax: 519-265-7420

Dr. Kathryn Douglas, C. Psych.
Dr. Elizabeth Orr, C. Psych.
Dr. Jim Perretta, C.Psych.
Dr. Linda Schattmann, C. Psych.
Dr. Lisa Sicoli, C. Psych.
Mr. Shane Smyth, MA, RP

Greenaway, Theis, and Associates

21 Yarmouth St.
Guelph, ON

Tel: 519-836-1277

Dr. Kathryn Greenaway, C. Psych.
Dr. John Theis, C. Psych., AAMFT
Mr. Bruce Stiles, M. Ed.
Ms. Gloria Cardey, MSW, RSW

Insight Psychology on Norfolk

85 Norfolk St., Suite 203
Guelph, ON

Tel: 519-823-2323
Fax: 519-836-9880

Dr. Linda Bream, C.Psych.
Dr. Laura Brown, C.Psych.
Dr. Adelle Pratt, C.Psych.
Dr. Colleen Beaudoin, C.Psych.
Dr. Paula Cerveny, C.Psych.
Linda DiNardo, C.Psych.Assoc.
Dr. Gwen Dutrizac, C.Psych.
Rose Freigang, C.Psych.Assoc.
Dianna Gamble, C.Psych.
Heather McDonald,
C.Psych.Assoc. (Supervised Prac.)
Allison Singh, C.Psych.
Marian Mainland, C.Psych. Assoc.

Dr. Julianna Switaj

Unit 134, Orchard Park
Ignatius Jesuit Centre
5420 Hwy 6, North
Tel: 519-760-7035